An Inside Look at Italian Restaurants

Italian restaurants are diners that serve Italian cuisine. They are distributed across the world. People have come to embrace the Italian culture and their way of cooking. There is a variety of Italian meals served in such establishments. Specific features that can be used to identify Italian restaurants include:

Fresh Ingredients and Food

Italian restaurants have one common feature which is the availability of fresh foods. The ingredients used to prepare tasty meals are garden-fresh. The national culture encourages growing a variety of crops to maintain a steady supply for their eateries.

Tradition and Simplicity

People in Italian restaurants are strict to follow cultural traditions. There is a specific way to conduct yourself when in these eateries. Their food is also simple and easy to prepare.

Italian restaurants have spread in areas across the world. Some have gained much more popularity than others. Popular examples of them include:

Amato Sandwich Shops, Inc

This is an Italian restaurant that has branches in the United States and Northern New England. The chain of restaurants is known to serve Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, salad, and sandwiches. The restaurant has its headquarters in Portland, USA. Sandwiches served here are not of the ordinary type since they contain onions, tomatoes, olives, green pepper, and pickles.

Bella Italia

Bella Italia is a chain of Italian restaurants consisting of about ninety restaurants and is based in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. The menu in these restaurants offers a variety for customers to choose from. From their online platform, you can book a table in Bella Italia.

Osteria Francescana

The Osteria Francescana is a 4.6-star rated Italian restaurant located in Modena, Italy. The restaurant is open on all days of the week apart from weekends. The highly-rated eating spot offers lunch and dinner options. Take away services are not offered in this restaurant.

Foods Served in Italian Restaurants

Italian food has a rich history. Italian people have ensured Italian cuisine has stuck around for a long time making them widely known. Some of the iconic Italian meals include Lasagna, Pizza, Bottarga, Fiorentina Steak, Ribollita, and Ossobuco. The list of Italian foods is inexhaustible. Their foods do not involve complex preparation procedures and are known for their tasty nature.

Italian Restaurant Etiquette

In Italian eateries, there are guidelines on how you should carry yourself. Handling the utensils in such restaurants is not the same as other kinds of restaurants. For example, it is not right to start eating before the host says “Buon appetiteā€. Also, you should not switch the position of the knife and fork. Forks are meant to remain on the left while the knife is supposed to stay on the right.