English Restaurants

English meals are known to be among the tastiest dishes on the planet. They are loved by almost everyone around the world. These dishes are available in almost every country through English restaurants. Here are some of the popular English eateries around the world that you should try out.

GMT Tavern

The GMT Tavern was opened in 2011. This restaurant is located at the heart of Greenwich Village in New York. It is an English bar and restaurant. The restaurant is well-decorated with mahogany and leather d├ęcor. This is a suitable place to have any type of English dish or drink at any time of day.

The Churchill Tavern

This is the best English restaurant in New York and the whole of America. The Churchill Tavern is known to serve some of the best English dishes and drinks. The English restaurant occupies a two-story space which is very well decorated. It has the best atmosphere for one to relax and enjoy their meal.

JAAN by Kirk Westaway

This is an internationally recognized restaurant. The prestigious eatery is strategically positioned in Singapore. JAAN by Kirk Westaway can only have a total of 40 guests in the restaurant at a time. You will surely return to this establishment once you have a taste of their English food. The restaurant is well decorated to attract tourists visiting Singapore.

The Golden Chippy

This is one of the English restaurants that have lunch and dinner in London, England. It has great features such as takeout, wheelchair accessibility, table service, and it also accepts credit cards. This is the best restaurant to visit whenever you find yourself in London.